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Vulcain Maurice Ditisheim Fabrique Vulcain launched a line of wristwatches bearing the name "vulcain" in 1894. However, this was not the first production for Ditisheim. He had been producing pocket watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, since 1858. The year 1947 proved to be the most important year for Vulcain when the “Cricket” was introduced. [...]

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Wake-Up Time: 5 Luxury Watches With Mechanical Alarms

They’re not as sexy as tourbillons or as impressively complicated as perpetual calendars, but mechanical alarm watches may possess one of the more useful complications for a weary traveler or an overworked executive who might need a little reminder about that big board meeting. In a way, it’s curious that more watch brands haven’t [...]

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