The Wittnauer Watch Co. has an interesting history.
In 1872, a 16-year-old Swiss immigrant arrived New York City.
Albert Wittnauer had already learned how to produce high-quality watches and had worked for his brother-in-law, J. Eugene Robert, exporting fine Swiss watches. Wittnauer decided there was a need for watches with high durability and function in America.
His designs were an instant hit with his brother-in-law’s clients.

In 1890, the company was established under the name A. Wittnauer Co. Employing only the top-of-the-line watchmakers, Wittnauer quickly became known in the niche market of timepieces for exploration. A noted horologist is quoted as saying, “No one company has been more involved in the design and production of so many different types of navigational timepieces and been involved in so many history-making expeditions …” Wittnauer is still in business today as part of the Bulova Watch Co.

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