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In 1839, Antonie Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek founded Patek, Czapek & Co.
They were known for producing high-caliber timepieces in limited quantities.

By 1845, Czapek left the company and Patek offered the position of technical director to a young watchmaker, Jean-Adrien Philippe, whom he met at a Paris exhibition. The company was renamed Patek Philippe & Co. in 1851.

Patek Philippe was the creator of the first wristwatch in 1867. Originally thought to be a woman’s accessory instead of a man’s, many wristwatches were worn on the wrist with a head attached to a silk ribbon. One of the most recognizable clients of Patek Philippe watches was Queen Victoria of England. At the 1867 Paris Exhibition, Patek Philippe was exhibiting chronographs, and also watches offering perpetual calendars, repeaters and split-second chronographs.

Not only was Patek Philippe responsible for the first wrist watch, they also created the free mainspring and the sweep secondhand. The company was also known for their engraving work and enameling. After 150+ years, Patek Philippe is still a leading Swiss watch company, producing fine clocks, wrist-watches and pocket watches.

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