Omega started life in 1880 as Louis Brandt & Son.
The founding partners, brothers Louis-Paul and César Brandt had the largest Swiss watch company with an annual production of more than100,000 watches. Timepieces produced at Brandt & Son were marked Celtic, Gurzelen, Helvetia, Jura and Patria.

In 1892, they joined with Audemars Piguet to produce an exclusive minute repeater.

In 1903, banker Henri Rieckel suggested using the name “Omega.”
In 1909, Omega made its debut at the International ballooning contest for the Gordon Bennett Cup.
In 1917, the British Royal Air Force named Omega as the watch of choice for all its squadrons.
Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Army followed suit.

The Omega “Speedmaster” is one of the most collectible watches ever produced.
It was introduced in 1957.
NASA decided the Speedmaster Professional was its official timekeeper in 1965.
In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional.

In 1983, a museum for the company was opened in Bienne, Switzerland.
Omega is still producing great wristwatches today.

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