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International Watch Co.

International Watch Company (IWC) opened in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
It was founded by an American watchmaker, Florentine Ariosto Jones.
Jones had worked in the American watch industry for several years.
He acquired a failed watch company in America, originally owned by Aaron Lufkin Dennison, and moved it to Switzerland.
Without proper financing, and the high tariff in America on imported finished watches, he later filed for bankruptcy.
The company was purchased by a Swiss consortium, and another American was put in his place.
Unfortunately, things did not go well with the new management and the business was put up for auction.

It was purchased by one of the stockholders,and after a few advances in the pocket-watch market, put the company back on track.
As with many watchmakers, World War II created a need for large production of watches.
IWC at this time created the first oversize, anti-magnetic pilot’s watch.
After the war ended, IWC would go on to create specialty watches such as the “Mark XI,” and also the “Ingenieur.”

Today, IWC is the manufacturer of the Porsche sports watch series.
They are also known for creating the most complicated watch in the world, the “II Destriero Scafusia.”

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