Longtime American watch company Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pa. They debuted their first watch in 1893. Known for their railroad pocket watches, Hamilton also produced a similar design as a wristwatch model. This watch would be worn by the American military, to the North and South Poles, and to the top of Mt. Everest.

After the Yankees won the World Series in 1928, Hamilton introduced the “Yankee” watch, along with the “Piping Rock.” Both watches were cutting-edge designs for the time.

Soon after, Hamilton caught the eye of the airline industry. Their watches became the timepiece of choice for Eastern, Northwest, TWA and United Airlines.

During World War II, Hamilton stopped production of watches for the consumer to create watches for the military. It is estimated that one million Hamilton military watches are produced during that time.

Hamilton proved to be a leader in innovation again after creating the first electric watch in 1957. The “Ventura” was an instant success. Because of its sleek design, the Ventura found a fan in Elvis Presley, who wore the watch in the movie, “Blue Hawaii.”

Hamilton is still in production today.

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