Gruen, (originally named D. Gruen and Son) was founded in 1894 by Fred and Dietrich Gruen in Columbus, Ohio.

This was not their first venture in watch making. In 1876, Dietrich Gruen, in a partnership with W.J. Savage, formed the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Co. The company, over time, had several partners, which eventually became problematic for Dietrich and Fred, who decided to leave the firm in 1894. Dietrich, along with his son, Frederick, went on to form D. Gruen & Son. A few years later, another son joined the firm and the company name changed to D. Gruen & Sons. In the early 1900s, the name was changed a final time to just Gruen.

In 1903, Gruen introduced its “Veri-Thin” line of watches. By 1908 they were producing both men’s and lady’s wrist-watches. At first, their line of wristwatches were more popular with women than with men.

Dietrich Gruen died in 1911 and son Fredrick took con trol of the company. He de cided to move the business to Cincinnati in 1917.

One of the most recognized lines of Gruen watches, the “Curvex,” was introduced in 1935.

After the passing of Fred Gruen and his son, George, the remaining family sold their interest in the com pany. Gruen Watch Co. was deeply in debt by 1958, and began laying off employees. Gruen’s Cincinnati loca tion closed and moved to New York. The com pany closed their doors permanently in 1976.

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