This company was originally founded in Grenchen, Switzerland, by physician josef Gerard and teacher Urs Schild as a means to alleviate unemployment in that region.
Originally, they produced movements for pocket watches and eventually producing complete watches.
Eterna had worked on alarms for pocket watches, and were responsible for creating the first wristwatch alarm.
They are also known for these firsts:
1962, The Eterna-Matic 3000, the thinnest automatic wristwatch for men.
1976, The Royal Quartz Kon-Tiki, the thinnest quartz watch.
1979, smallest water-resistant quartz watch.
1980, The Museum, the thinnest watch ever produced.
In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl wore an Eterna wristwatch on the 4,300 mile voyage across the Pacific Ocean aboard the Kon-Tiki.
The watch continued to operate during and after the journey without a glitch.
Eterna decided to name their sports watches “Kon-Tiki” after this journey.

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