Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, son of a powder-horn maker.
He quickly made a name for himself selling luxury goods.
In 1859 his reputation allowed him to begin selling his wares to the Empress Eugenie.
In the same year, Cartier opened a shop in the fashionable area of Boulevard des Italiens to sell his jewelry.
In 1874, Cartier’s son, Alfred, took over the business.
He expanded the company’s product line to include watches.
In 1899, Alfred’s son, Louis, began working at the firm.
Louis had a passion for pocket watches.
It was his goal to have pocket watches designed by the firm.
In 1904, Louis Cartier met Brazilian pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont. Dumont expressed his concern over the lack of reliable pocket watches for aviators.
Cartier decided he would design something that would eliminate the problem and thus the “Santos” was born.
The “Santos” was a flat wristwatch with a square bezel.
Around 1907, Cartier entered into a partnership with Edmond jaeger to supply movements for Cartier watches.
Cartier also used the movements of other great 58 Warman’s Watches Field Guide firms such as Audemars Piguet, LeCoultre, Movado and Vacheron 81‘ Constantin.
Some of the Cartier lines we recognize today were made as far back as the early teens.
The “Baignoire” and “Tortue” models were launched in 1912.
The Cartier “Tank” debuted in 1917.
Cartier was commissioned by the Pasha of Marrakech to design a waterproof watch.
In 1932, the “Pasha” debuted.
In 1942 Louis Cartier died.
A group of investors took over in 1972 and named antique dealer, Alain Perrin, as the CEO.
Perrin was responsible for the successful “Le Must” line, and for the re-launch of the “Santos” line.
Today, Cartier still produces fine timepieces such as the “Panthere,” the “Pasha,” the “Tank,” and the “Tank Erancaise.”

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