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In 1947, Vital Bueche founded Bueche Girod.
The company’s name combines his last name with that of his wife, Edwige Girod.
Bueche had several patents during his lifetime: 1949, moon-phase wristwatch movement; 1950, plain calendar movement for wristwatches; 1959, musical alarm movement; 1963, movement for a ‘Singing Bird’ alarm clock.
In the 1950s, Bueche Girod started producing watches and move ments for other firms.
These were used in Leonidas watches, espe cially the moon-phase, day/date movements.
Roy C. King started a UK. agency for Bueche Girod in Watford in 1956.
In 1958, he started to make watches for Universal Geneve.
Bueche Girod also made wristwatches for Bulova.

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